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But before you go...

It's just been one of those days.

Earlier you Liked something witty on Facebook but in reality, it wasn't that funny. You then retweeted a comment from someone you ended up following but can't quite remember how or why. The original tweet was a cutting reflection on the shackles of conformity, a withering account on the lack of originality on the web due to mindless conforming followers, becoming conformist. Your retweet was ironic.

Then something else caught your eye. Perhaps it was a poignant headline that offered sweet release from the digital lull you're currently enduring, or maybe even an image packaged among a plethora of crap commonly found within a content-sharing widget on a website. You didn't want to find out if the 10 ways to lose weight in a day could actually just entail cutting off an arm. You weren't even interested in the obviously genuine way that a person can earn $400,000 a year working from home. No, it was another headline. A Hypable headline. You clicked it.

You ended up here.


Right now, you are this dog. We've all been there.